Period Leave for women employees – Zomato

“Deepinder Goyal” Founder and CEO of “Zomato” an Indian restaurant aggregator and food delivery company has Announced  “ PERIOD LEAVE” for their women and Trans genders employees who can avail up to 10 days  of “Period Leave”. It is welcoming but critics have also put on their choice of Opinion.

Menstrual leave is said to be a critical and a neglected subject in India, discussion on the topic of “mensuration” is considered be to done behind closed doors. Ninong Ering a member of parliament in Lok Shaba representing Arunachal Pradesh in 2018, tabled “Mensuration Benefit Bill” provides paid duty off for women working in both public and private sector. This leads to the widespread discussion for the need of menstrual leave policy for women working across India. Breaking taboo, countries like Japan, South Korea, Indonesia and Taiwan have already implemented menstrual leave for their female employees. In Japan women have been able to take time off for their painful periods, since just after World War II.

Why is there a need of ten days period leave? In a year women undergoes 60 days of menstrual time in which, they can avail up to one day per month. In the midst women consumes painkillers and resumes their work , this is consider as a relief where most of the women are suffering from “Dysmenorrhea” and “Polycystic ovaian syndrome” which  causes extreme pain and also a professor of reproductive health in London stated that “ A period pain can be as painful as having a heart attack”.

Period leave has both favorable and unfavorable consequences, not everyone accepts it many people have spoken up against this that this may increase gender equality and strengthens biological determinism. On the other side countries and companies must come forward in implementing plans like period leave that will encourage women breaking stereotypes without the fear of judgment.

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