Anbe Sivam : An Epic Journey

Why is Anbe Sivam considered as the best movie in the history of Tamil cinema by many? A good film must leave you satisfied like a good meal. ‘Anbe Sivam’ tells the story of two different personalities and their journey to discover the meaning of life. This movie deeply talks about humanism, communism and altruism. In this movie Kamal Haasan keeps on explaining the meaning of the word ‘God’. When the movie was released in 2003 it didn’t receive much response but today, it is seen as a remarkable film in the Tamil cinema industry. The dialogues that are conveyed in the movie carry deep emotional thoughts and connectivity.

Even in the floods, train accident or the little boy’s death Madhavan breaks down easily and gets shattered into pieces whereas Kamal Haasan accepts the reality of life and helps in the all possible best way he can. Meanwhile people starts to think from where Kamal Haasan did gained such attitude and the movie takes the audience into Kamal’s flashback. In the flashback he loved the daughter of a capitalist who opposes regarding the wages of worker. When the couple planned to elope to Kerala they badly met with a bus accident. Kamal is totally disfigured in the accident and he sees god through the sister’s help. His outlook totally changed and on his way he meets Madhavan who doesn’t know what actually life is meant for.

What was the movie all about? An experienced and egotist modern youth travelling together from Bhuvaneshwar to Chennai. As the movie goes the quarrel between Anbarasu (Madhavan) and Sivam (Kamal Hassan) finally settles down and finally Madhavan accepts Kamal Haasan as his elder brother, and wants him to come home to live with him forever and Kamal simply agrees with it and gets into Madhavan’s car which is the defining point of their whole journey and the film.

This movie mainly depicts that two strangers can become a brother irrespective of their caste, creed, color and physical differences. All the people after watching the movie in theatre came out with the heavy heart after seeing the climax.

The final message delivered in this movie is ‘I am God and so are you’

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