Thala Dhoni – A Chennai emotion

Dhoni – Our Thala is all set to take the field today against rivals Mumbai Indians. Our CSK team looks weak on paper but Dhoni knows how to get the best out of his players in tough situations. When the going gets tough champions rise to the occasion and Dhoni has been a champion in low. Remember all those last over finishes in Dhoni style. Remember all those victories we snatched from the jobs of defeat. I have a feeling we will be doing all of this again this year with Dhoni in charge. Forget everything that happened off the field.

On the field it will be a different ball game with Dhoni leading from the front. It’s been a long time since we saw Dhoni in action. He’s taking the field after his international retirement. Hopefully a fairy tale finish awaits Dhoni.  How beautiful will it be if Dhoni finishes off the IPL with his trademark six to lift the trophy for CSK. It’s a fanboy wish on behalf of all CSK fans. But knowing Dhoni once all this is over he will once again walk away with a smile unaffected by  both victory and defeat and treating them the same way.  Let the battle begin.

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