19 Years of Pandavar Bhoomi : A compelling film on family values

Certain films easily stand the test of time beyond box office success and failures.  Pandavar Bhoomi is one such film. The film still gives pleasant vibes. Maybe it’s the songs or maybe it’s the casting. But something about the film gets to me every time. There are three things which stand out for me in the film. Raj Kiran’s towering presence. The actor is a charm. The casting itself is top notch with Chandrasekhar, Manorama , Vijaykumar and Ranjith accompanying Raj Kiran. All of them gave their best for the film with Cheran in the director’s chair. The film showcased the perils of building a house and how it brings the family together.

Charle deserves a special mention. Give him any role and he shines. Pandavar Bhoomi is no different. And then there is Arun Vijay and Shamitha. I loved the bonding between the two especially the song Thozha Thozha which dominated the music charts for a long time. Bharathwaj’s music for the film is fab. Pandavar Bhoomi is a very compelling film on family values.

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