50 best heroine roles in Tamil cinema – Lakshmi in Samsaram Adhu Minsaram

Lakshmi is a chameleon. Even as I was watching her in Oh Baby my mind travelled back in time to those final 6 minutes of Samsaram Adhu Minsaram. 6 minutes of absolute glory. Of course her character is present throughout the movie but those final 6 minutes were something else. A meltdown of epic propositions even as the rest of the cast step aside to let her take centrestage.

It is a beautiful manifestation of the expectations we have on our near and dear onces. Sometimes we allow ourselves to be hurt just because the bond means a lot to us.

But at some point it all comes out. You can no longer hide your emotions. You can no longer hold back. I still watch the scene like a wide eyed fanboy. I sometimes wonder how different the ending would have been if the self made boundaries were forgotten once and for all.

There are so many artists around Lakshmi in that scene. There’s Raghuvaran, Visu and Manorama but your eyes never leave Lakshmi. She owns the scene like a queen. Even at that point of breakdown she keeps her emotions in check. There’s no space for melodrama or exaggerated emotions either. Her response to the family plea of the family members is sharp and hard hitting. It is a once in a lifetime performance by a phenomenal actress.

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