9 Years of Person Of Interest : An Epic

Today marks the 9th year since the first episode of Person of Interest was aired on, that is on September 22, 2011. It was the first series directed by Jonathan Nolan, brother of the well known director Christopher Nolan. Person of Interest revolves around two main characters, John Reese and Harold Finch.  John Reese was a guy who once served in the military and Harold Finch is a software genius. Jim Caviezel was the perfect cast for John Reese character. Apart from acting, he also had the perfect physique for the role, a tall guy in a black suit. The role of John Reese sometime gives us the feel of some vigilante superheroes like Batman and Daredevil. And coming to Harold Finch, none of them could have done that role much better than Michael Emerson. He had the perfect body language and nerdy looks for the role.

The plot revolves around a machine built by Harold Finch, which informs him is someone is in danger or if someone is going to be perpetrator. This allows Reese and Finch to save the person or prevent him/her from doing any crime. At first, the storyline seems to be simple with this machine, but as the series proceeds it get’s more complicated as many new characters come into the picture. Reese is the guy who does all the front end work like getting involved in combats, gun fires, saving the person etc. , whereas Finch is the guy who does the back end work like hacking networks, providing timely information etc. This is what makes this duo a memorable one among all TV series characters. The women of Person of Interest series are also heartthrob for many guys. Root, Sameen Shaw, Joss Carter and Zoe Morgan, all these female characters were perfectly cast and became fan favourites among the viewers.

The series consists of 5 seasons. Except for the final season, every other season had 22 episodes. The final season had only 13 episodes, which was a bit disappointment for the fans. The uniqueness of this series is that each episode had it’s own plot which build ups to the main storyline later .  Only towards the last two seasons , there will be continuity of the main storyline. Some felt that the episodes are repetitive , while some felt that there were too much episodes per season. But still the fact is, none of the episodes are boring. Each and every episode is very engaging and worth binge watching.

Jonathan Nolan has done really a extraordinary job in this series, by portraying a complicated storyline in a much understandable and engaging way. Definitely, Person of Interest is a worthy to watch TV series and surely will give a huge impact when it ends.

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