6 years of Jeeva : A terrific ode to people with passion

Of course we all love cricket. It’s been an integral part of our life since childhood. But what if cricket is means everything to you. Every time I see Jeeva more than the sports politics that the film speaks about. It is Jeeva’s passion for the game that moves me.

It isn’t easy to embrace failure , move on and fight back again. Most people tend to loose hope and give up but Jeeva doesn’t. He holds on to that last thread of hope for himself and his friend. The finale where he gets that unexpected call up to play in a premier league tournament is a win for us.

This film is a wonderful ode to people with passion. The people who don’t give up. The people who come back stronger with every failure. The people who defy the society’s expectations and choose the things they love.

It’s hard to live that way with all the peer pressure and expectations. But Jeeva is a lovely beacon of hope to people who give their absolute best every time.

A well made sports film is a rarity in Tamil cinema but Suseenthiran pulls it off. I guess the sports genre is Suseenthiran’s forte.

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