Happy Birthday Sasikumar – The dependable hero

There’s so much that you can write about Sasikumar. A loyal friend who lends a hand when you badly need one. A warm human being who received high praise from the superstar himself for his extraordinary kindness. People in the industry say he’s childlike. Always helping people. Such humans are a rarity. 

He is also one of torchbearers of small content based films. His films are a producer’s delight as well. They rarely fail. There’s a talk that Sasikumar’s films are a guaranteed success at the box office. That’s how good he is. 

Even as an actor he is reliable. I am yet to see Sasikumar act badly in a film. Even if the film is a mess Sasikumar always gives his best. The best part about him – He knows what his strengths and weakness as an actor are. 

He is also an all- rounder in the true sense. I mean his first 3 films saw him take up the role of actor , director and producer. He did all 3 successfully. I miss him as a director though. A director who made subramaniyapuram and inspires Anurag Kashyap to make Gangs of Wasseypur definitely deserves the director chair again. Hopefully soon. 

Happy birthday Sasikumar. 

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