We have seen numerous on-screen transformations like Manik Baasha, Vishwaroopam , Vedhalam etc.  But yesterday we saw one such transformation on the cricket field when often trolled Rahul Tewatia transformed from a zero to a hero in the space of 5 balls. 

Cricket has always been uncertain. When Tewatia came into bat. He was struggling. He was eating up balls. He was putting pressure on the batsman at the other end. But two things made all the difference. One was the faith of the team management in Rahul Tewatia and the other was Tewatia’s self belief.  

Despite struggling to meet the ball Tewatia knew one six could make all the difference. Everyone was trolling him. Even the commentators. There were numerous troll posts on social media too. But Tewatia shut them off with those 5 match changing 6’s. 

It is a wonderful lesson for all us. To never write off or troll anyone. You never know what they are truly capable off. It is a reminder that even if people say that are good for nothing we should have faith in our own abilities. 

Next time when life gets tough or when we feel like giving up we can all look back at yesterday’s innings and try again. 

Rahul Tewatia’s Manik Baasha transformation
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