Happy Birthday Kushboo : 50 Years of elegance and beauty

The door opens : Tamil cinema heroine roles can effectively be split into two halves – Before Kushboo and After Kushboo. No one knew that the chirpy North Indian girl in Dharmathin Thalaivan would go onto change Tamil Cinema forever. Before Kushboo a heroine had to look and act in a certain way to appeal to the audience. Fair skin wasn’t a norm and almost all of them had a command over the language. But Kushboo tossed everything aside and slammed open the door which had been tightly shut for too long.

Glamour – Doing it right : Very few actresses across eras could pull off glamour like Kushboo did. She could easily make it incredibly appealing. A string of those light hearted glamour roles to kick-start a long career. She slowly became the most sort after heroine in Tamil cinema.

The Chubby One : She started off with the typical lean frame of a young heroine but over a period of time she made ” Being Chubby” a trend. A trend which would greatly benefit heroines who were to follow. I wish some of today’s heroines could infact take a leaf out of Kushboo and just be happy the way they are instead of exerting too much pressure on themselves to look fit and fab but then not everyone could be Kushboo.

The transformation  : You can’t thrive for long with just glamour alone. Our lady knew that and transformed into a very fine actress. She overcame everything the language barrier , the look and a conservative society to be who she was. She didn’t even need those heroine oriented roles to showcase her acting chops and make a statement. She could just be there , act well and make her presence felt.

The Phenomenon : To call Kushboo as just an actress would be an understatement. She was a phenomenon. From building a temple for her to naming a temple after her these crazy fans did just about everything to showcase their love for their belovd heroine. It was unheard of for a North Indian star down South but then she had broken so many barriers in her chequered career.

Being Omnipresent : After a point Kushboo acted with almost every hero in the industry. For every film with Rajnikanth and Kamal Haasan there would also be that film with Pandiarajan , Ramarajan and Napolean. She wasn’t stubborn to hold onto the ” Only Top Heroes ” rule which was actually the secret for her longevity. She made a grand splash on Tv too with Jackpot. I knew how much the ladies in the house loved her jackpot costumes. My mom would look at her as if she was seeing a wonder on Tv. That was more than enough.

Error 404 : Replacement not found : If you want me to pick my favorite Kushboo films it would have to be Natammai, Annamalai and the underrated Thulli Thirindha Kaalam with Arun Vijay.  Of course there might have been better films but somehow Kotta Paaku and Kondayil Thalampu sealed the deal for me. Simran followed the footsteps of her illustrious predecessor and emerged as a fine performer. But the reference to some other actress as Kushboo is atrocious. Kushboo was unique.  There may be better performers or greater stars. But there will be only one Kushboo..

Happy Birthday Kushboo.

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