4 Years of MS Dhoni – The untold story : 7 great life lessons from the movie

It is not very easy to replicate a living legend but Sushant Singh Rajput is phenomenal a perfect tribute to SSR and to Dhoni himself. 

1. Never give up on your passion : Fame doesn’t come to Dhoni easily.  He works a ticket collector but never gives up on cricket. 

2. There will always be people who believe in you : This happens twice. Once when Ganguly believes in Dhoni’s talents which leads to his debut and the second time when his girlfriend says that he will make a good score in the next match. 

3. Never compare : There is a scene where a person asks if Dhoni is the next Tendulkar. The answer is very simple. There can never be another Tendulkar or Dhoni.

4. Ever chance counts : There’s a scene where Dhoni asks for a chance to bat and the immediate answer is a stern No. But Dhoni immediately responds with what is the use of scoring against a weak team. That’s how you grab your chances. 

5. Never forget your friends : We all know Dhoni’s famous helicopter shot. Only through the film we came to know that he learnt it from a friend.

6. Lead from the front : Why is that knock in the final important? Not only did it win us the world cup but Dhoni led from the front as a captain and played a great innings. 

7. Stay Humble : Throughout the movie Dhoni stays humble through the ups and downs in life. In real life too he is the same. A trait we can all follow. 

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