The secret behind the viral hit Kirubai Kirubai song

A Christian song becoming viral is a rare thing. Usually such popularity is reserved for film song. But this Christian hit has spread like wildfire. The song is the much loved and trolled Kirubai Kirubai. Pastor Darwin Ebenezer who  wrote the song says that a sudden recovery from a life threatening accident inspired him to write this song. 

So why is this song suddenly popular.  After the end of a recent ipl match involving CSK and RCB. An RCB fan had tweeted that RCB win was because of Kadavul Kirubai which means God’s blessings This caught with the cricket fans who have been using the word often in memes, trolls and social media posts

Kirubai song is actually 6 years old but the sudden popularity has given the song more than 4 milion views. This is once again proof that anything is possible if you try hard.  

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