4 Adventure Sports That You Should Try At least Once in Your Lifetime: Details, Risk Factors and Where to Try?

Lockdown has casted different impacts on each one of us, but something that is affecting us all universally is not seeking the right kind of adventure. It can be from a little trek you often used to take on a hill closeby, a long bike ride with pit stops being your destination or even proper rock climbing, surfing, etc,. We know things have been tough due to the pandemic but that shouldn’t stop you from planning and executing your adventure goals from your bucket list.

If the above mentioned is Type A kind of people, then this is Type B – though we’re fully aware of the fact that we’re slowly drifting away from the closure of nature, we all still pack ourselves in a building, glued to our gadgets, resenting all the stress that our work creates, but do nothing to make things better. We should understand that our soul needs adventure, a sort of a getaway from the monotonous life that we have created for ourselves, and if that involves experiencing the bits of nature that we forgot that existed, it is going to be special. Considering both the situations we’ve come up with a list of 4 adventure sports that you should try atleast once in your life.

  1. Bungee Jumping

A large elastic cord is connected to your body harness which is further connected to a lengthy rope, then you are made to jump down from the top of a tall point. It is an excellent free falling experience, as for the first few seconds you are left unattended till the length of the rope fully falls with you before recoiling. The highest bungee jumping point in the world is Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado, USA-1053 ft. 

In India Rishikesh has the highest bungee jumping point which is 83 ft. You can also experience it in places like Bangalore, Goa, Lonavala, and Jagdalpur.

The risk factor for injury in this activity (independent of severity grade) is 0.4-0.5%.

  1. Scuba Diving

This is an underwater diving experience, where the diver is equipped with breathing apparatus for oxygen supply and artificial fins for movement. One of the popular misconceptions about this activity is that people think you need to know swimming to experience this, but that isn’t true, you just need to go through a certain practice session to understand its rules and regulations. Underwater is a whole new world in itself, its wonders are still beyond human mind’s comprehension. You can feel one with the age-old corals, caves, exotic harmless fishes and enjoy the serene calmness of the water.

Scuba diving has now become very common in Tamil Nadu, in places like Pondicherry, Kovalam, Chennai, Mahabalipuram, etc.

The risk factors are same as that of the general Diving Risk Factors like dehydration, sea sickness, DCS and ultimately drowning. This is not to frighten you, as a guide will always be with you to help you in case of emergency and you will be allowed only if you are medically fit. So accidents are very unlikely to happen, its risk factor percentage is 0.01-0.1%

  1. Rafting, Canoeing and Kayaking

Though they are slightly different from each other, we’ve put them all together because they all are basically paddling a boat through a stream of water. Whitewater Kayaking is very famous because you paddle your boat through extreme currents of the river with turns and twists, ups and downs. You don’t have to worry about injuries if you have a good paddle control on your boat and it’s highly recommended you know swimming just in case something unexpected happens. It is an amazing sport to explore the bewilderment of nature in its natural form as we go rafting in the canyons of rivers. The weather affects the activity of this sport.

Kullu-Manali, Indus River, Yamuna River, Tons River, Teesta River are some of the places you can enjoy rafting in India with Rishikesh being the best spot so far.

The risk factor here is very less if you are fully aware of how it works, anyhow you can never completely tell that something is entirely safe, the injury chance is about 1:558 and fatality chance is about 1:100,000. A little scratch from the rocks stands nothing in front of the memory you’ll take with you that’ll last a lifetime.

  1. Skydiving

Skydiving is basically parachuting down from a flying aeroplane. You get to go up on a flight, jump down, fly and land with a parachute. How amazing! You get to do all of them in one activity. Training is required before jumping and you will be accompanied by an executive guide. All you need to do is enjoy the freefall and get lost in the marvel of the sight. Do not confuse it with Paragliding, though both involve flying in the air, they both are different in their core mechanisms as the latter is practiced using an engine-free aircraft.

While Deesa, Aamba Valley, Dhana, Aligarh, Narnaul, Bir Billing are some places for skydiving in the north, the closest places from Tamil Nadu would be Mysore, Hyderabad and Pondicherry for the same sport.

I know you all are wondering about the risk factors, but note that it’s comparatively less than that of Bungee Jumping. It is only 0.0007% while that of car accidents is 0.0167% (based on driving 10,000 miles). Nothing better than a good skydive to rush your adrenaline up, not even sex.

In a nutshell, life is too short to miss sky diving. We hope you have a fun and safe time trying these activities out.

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