10 Reasons for CSK’s bad peformance in IPL 2020

We never thought that CSK would become a disaster in IPL. But it happened. There are a few reasons why this happened? Let me list out a few. 

1. Stubborn Team Management: We kept on backing players who were not performing without making any changes. Watson was a disappointment at the top showing only rare glimpses of his power hitting. Enough has been said about Kedar Jadhav but still we persisted with them. 

2. Not giving chance to youngsters: Yesterday Dhoni said that he saw no spark in CSK’s youngsters. What a ridiculous statement from a captain who always gave chances to youngsters. You never know how a player will perform unless you give them a chance in a real match situation. Even then benching Jagadeesan after he made a decent 33 defies logic. 

3. Aged players: Most of the players in the CSK team are way past their prime. Even Dhoni has not been able to hit as he used to. The fact that most of the team had not played cricket for a long time didn’t help either. 

4. No home ground advantage: CSK is a team which relies heavily on home ground advantage in Chepauk. Even this team was picked keeping Chepauk in mind. But the tournament venue was shifted which severely crippled CSK. 

5. Not playing Imran Tahir: When you do not play someone, who was last season’s purple cap holder even when the team was not performing well. Even after the pitches started turning we didn’t pick Tahir. He would have been a game changer. 

6. No intent: The lack of intent from CSK was visible to everyone we never played to win. It seemed as if we were going through the motions in match after match. The old CSK fire and aggression was missing.  

7. No collective performance:  Either the batting, bowling or fielding misfired in every match. There was no collective dominant performance except for a couple of matches.  

8. More number of dot balls: We failed to rotate the strike in match after match. We played 40 – 50 dot balls which is close to 7 – 8 overs without a run. You can’t expect to win a match after that. 

9. Missing the old Dhoni: Dhoni in prime form both as a leader and captain is a very different person altogether. Today he seems like a pale shadow of his former self. We need the old Dhoni back next year. 

10. No Raina: Raina walking out of the IPL was a big blow. He would have been an asset with the bat, ball and field. His consistency would have helped the team a great deal. 

Anyway let’s hope for a better IPL in 2021. 

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