Advice Aari : That irritating neighbour aunty

Aari in big boss is nothing but a real-life version of that irritating neighbour aunty and relatives who advise us even if we don’t ask for it. The first reaction would be ” Mudiyala” when someone constantly gives advice. Big boss is a place filled with chaos and if someone advises you in the guise of helping.

The only reason the contestants nominated Aari for eviction is because of bombarding people with advice is not the right way to go about it. Aari will lose both the audience support and the support of his pals in the big boss house if he goes on like this.

Kamal has already pointed this out. But I don’t think Aari is going to change any time soon. Just like Trigger Sakthi in the first season we have advice Aari now. But he should stop before the audience and the participants say ” “Podhum da Saamy”

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