BTS Gives Their First Indian Interview: Desi ARMYs are Going Feral

BTS are the Global superstars who have taken the world by storm. They’ve been healing millions of people across the globe through their music, and the number of fans who love the band in India has grown enormously in the past year. BTS is a 7-member Kpop band based in Seoul. After their debut in 2013, with tireless hardwork they have gradually grown to be recognized and loved by a crazy amount of people. They broke language barriers and have now even reached out a bit closer to their Indian fans by giving their first ever Indian interview to NDTV.

BTS since debut have performed five concert tours out of which three were worldwide. And not once India was included in their world tour lists, this made the Indian ARMYs upset to a point where they started yearning for little moments where BTS noticed them. Indian ARMYs worked so hard for streaming Dynamite, bringing India to the top 3rd spot with highest views (8,625,825 views) on day 1 for the MV. I’m sure this huge support from India surprised BTS as they mentioned and thanked us. And in their global press conference when asked about coming to India, although no definite answer was given, they subtly expressed their interest in coming here by saying we are trying our best to reach out to our fans across the world. 

BTS’s leader RM has given two interviews to Rolling Stone India, once in 2017 and recently after Dynamite’s success. But this is the first time BTS as a whole, with all its members tuned into giving an interview to an Indian news channel. Fans are delighted beyond words as this interview will be out at 8.30 pm Friday, October 30th. As soon as the information was out, ARMY took the hashtag  #BTSonNDTV to the 2nd trending spot on Twitter within a few minutes. 

As much as the excitement they hold in, ARMYs are also worried about the boys being given the right kind of importance and respect that they deserve, because we all know about the sick xenophobic people here who say the most hateful things for no reason at all. Let’s hope for NDTV’s Journalist Rohit Khilani to have done a proper research about their career as music artists, reveal their goodness to Indian media and not simply host an interview to follow the clout. Also hoping the boys had a good time giving us this interview. Note that NDTV before the interview gave a call out to the fans regarding questions to be asked on their official Instagram. We’re also guessing that we’ll get exclusive answers about BTS visiting India, their thoughts about Desi Army and our love for them. 

This special show is titled as BTS Mania. I honestly wish the quality of the questions asked is better than the title. Timing of Interview’s airing on NDTV 24×7 will be:

  • Friday, October 30: 8.30 pm & 10.30 pm
  • Saturday, October 31: 1.30 pm & 10 pm
  • Sunday, November 1: 12.30 pm & 9.30 pm

The show will also be available to watch later on all NDTV’s digital platforms.

If you are an ARMY reading this make sure to stream Boy With Luv along with Dynamite as we’re so close to hitting 1B. If you want to watch Run BTS, please do that officially through the Vlive app or website as it is free for ARMYs use, instead of watching it illegally in random sites. Also, don’t forget to pre-save the album BE on Spotify, download the Choeaedol app and vote for BTS.

Also make sure to check out BTS: The Global Superstars for a little but heartfelt introduction about who BTS really are.

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