Zero score in NEET : The revaluation drama

We have all had moments in schools and colleges where we lied to our parents about our marks. We got low scores and lied that we got higher marks. But today’s kids are even more bizarre. In a one of kind incident the girl who scored zero in Neet exams had applied for revaluation. Her name is Vasundhara Bhojane

The girl was apparently a good student and had claimed that her marks were not right and wanted it to be checked again. Bhojane had claimed that her score must have been the consequence of a technical discrepancy in the evaluation process as she is shocked to see her marks and that she was expecting a score of over 600/720. She also said that she had been a bright student with a score of 93.4% in Class 10 and 81.85% in Class 12 exams.

Yes, the possibility of a student scoring zero is very less but in this case the zero marks turned out to be true. When probed by her attorney Deshpande she admitted that she did not attend any of the questions because of too much pressure from her parents to score well.

The girl’s attorney then apologized to the court and the court imposed a fine of Rs 25,000 on the girl.

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