Thief sells the same car on OLX 14 times : Movie script or real life?

We have all heard of Gajini Muhammad’s 17 attempts to invade India and finally succeeding the 18th time. In what could be termed as bizarre vice versa a person selling cars via OLX cheated people 14 times before the police caught him.

Manottam Tyagi alias Manu’s modus operandi was quite simple. He would place an advertisement for a Wagon R and find a buyer. Once he found a potential buyer, he would negotiate the price and sell the car with a GPS tracker.

After selling the car he would steal the car the same night with the help of the GPS tracker. Once he got the car back, he would place an advertisement for sale again in OLX the car would be sold again with a different number plate. This cycle repeated 14 times before he was caught. Looks straight out of a movie script.

In March this year Manu sold the car for 2.7 lakhs to Jeete Yadav. Manu’s luck ran out after Jeete’s friend Pradeep, another car dealer recently came across an advertisement of the same vehicle on OLX. So Manu was caught and revealed the truth during interrogstion.

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