10 Facts About Titanic That’ll Blow Your Mind

It’s been 108 years since Titanic ripped the ocean into two and unhurriedly plunged into the water, forever. She was the most majestic creation that man had ever made when she first entered service. Her story is an ironic tragedy, how an unsinkable ship sank in the Atlantic on her maiden voyage, taking down more than 1500 passengers to the bottom of the ocean’s void. So here are some 10 facts about her that you probably didn’t know.

  1. Titanic was 882 feet long, that is about 2.5 times the size of Old Trafford Football field in Manchester. She weighed 52,310 tonnes.
  2. Titanic was very luxurious, the first class cabins cost £870, which is about 50,000 dollars/ 37 lakhs in today’s Indian money. It had a swimming pool, squash court, Turkish bath, and also a dog kennel.
  3. The lowest price then cost $15 to $40 dollars, which is about 22k to 66k rupees now. Note that this is the price of the lowest class passengers like Jack.
  4. Titanic was a mighty ship, she required 800 tons of coal. And she was built with 4 smokestacks, out of which only three worked. One was just to make her look striking.
  5. Although it’s roughly estimated that she took down 1500 passengers with her, the exact number of fatalities is still unknown. This is because a lot of people traveled under fake id without authorization. But 3,547 is the maximum passenger capacity of Titanic, and 705 people survived.
  6. Just like the scene that shook us all in the movie, the musicians continued to play to calm down the guests as the ship went down. They all lost their lives.
  7. The youngest survivor of the shipwreck died in 2009. Millvina Dean was just a 2 months baby when the tragedy unfolded.
  8. Titanic sailed so far away from the land, she was about 400 miles/640 kms from the land when she struck the iceberg. She completely went under water in 2 hours and 40 minutes after the impact. And a top model rescue boat from the present day has a maximum speed of 250 nautical miles or 463 kms / hour. And Titanic’s tragedy borne no luck.
  9. Halomonas titanicae is a rust-eating bacteria which is slowly consuming the remains of the ship. It is predicted by the scientists to be completely gone by 2030.
  10. Titanic wasn’t found until 1985. About 200 people so far have visited her remains underwater. There have been expeditions arranged for normal people like us to witness her tarnishing beauty with our own eyes. You get to descend to the wreck site, and explore her. This is offered by OceanGate Titanic Survey Expedition. It’ll cost $125,000 dollars for the entire journey and only limited slots are available. It’ll cost around 92.5L in Indian money. You will be accompanied with a mission specialist, comfortable stay, meals all covered and you’ll go 12,600 feet under water and can experience something that can never be put into words.

So that’s about it. The story of Titanic and the fictional romance of Titanic still weighs so heavy in our hearts. This is to all the people who became one with the ocean that night, to all the tragedies that’s unheard.

P.s: When mentioning Titanic, I’ve mentioned her by using the female preposition instead of ‘it’, not just because ships are generally mentioned as ‘she’, but also because like many other women she carried life, fought her best and still is a mystery veiled.

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