Gender And Sexuality Are Not The Same

All societies have set gender norms by assigning specific behaviour, dress and sexual orientations at birth. Gender identity is different from sex or sex orientation. Gender identity is simply about the gender you personally identify with. Sex is a tag subjugated at birth based on the genitalia. And sex orientation is about what gender they’re attracted to. Today’s young adults end up feeling that they don’t identify to the gender they were assigned at birth. The ultraconservative Indian society expects people to follow the gender norms, for example girls wear pink and boys wear blue, boys are meant to play with car toys and girls with dolls, boys are not supposed to cry because that’s a symbol of weakness which automatically perceives women as weak from a young age . I see each and everyone’s identity to be unique. Few of them don’t identity as either male or female genders instead identify with both and they consider themselves as non binary. Gender fluid – people tend to fluctuate between women and men, sometimes they identify themselves as both over time according to psychological state. Some exhibit masculinity, feminity or androgynous self in personality, sexual experience and self concept during the course of a day, weeks, months or years. Psychologists recognise many adolescents and young adults facing problem to construct their identity. In order to fit in with others, they attempt to act accordingly to social constructs often suppressing and tolerating differences and diversity with their peers. And social norms and roles, with each social situation, the behaviour changes and I would say this is why most people, most of the time conform to social norms ‘all the men and women merely players.’ The spectrum of sexuality is wider than you think; Religion, colour, caste, race, sex has nothing to do with sexuality or how a person identifies themselves. Our society’s mentality is still stuck back in the 1800s. The people should open up to a more diverse nation.

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