Cartoon Network creates Kamala Harris as ‘Powerpuff Girl’

Kamala Harris is the first woman of black to become the Vice President of USA. The people celebrates the victory of Joe Biden as Harris being elected to the second most powerful seat in the United States of America. She was welcomed and cherished with n number of claps all over the world.

Cartoon Network’s official Instagram page posted a Kamala Harris version of a Powerpuff Girl on their account. Donning a suit with white shoes and a US flag badge attached, the creation justified to Harris and her personality. The post mentioned, ‘Kamala Harris- Madam Vice President.‘ It also had a large caption stating, “Born in Oakland, CA to two immigrant parents, her mother from India and father from Jamaica, she has spent her life, fighting injustice. Thank you for being an inspiration for girls everywhere.

Netizens loved the post and many mentioned their comments supporting the post. The entire eye is on Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

While I may be the first, I won’t be the last.”- Kamala Harris

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