The real reason behind Suresh Chakravarthy’s unexpected eviction

Even as we predicted Suresh Chakravarthy’s exit yesterday. It is actually a shock considering how popular he was outside the house. His actions in the big boss house at the beginning of the show earned him a large number of followers. TRP’s soared whenever Suresh Chakravarthy was involved in a controversy so almost everyone thought that he would be there in the house for a long period of time. While he was in the house he bonded with Gabriella Charlton and she considered him as her Grandfather. She was the only one who really felt sad when Suresh Chakravarthy was evicted. 

Why was he evicted ? Even as we are scratching our heads trying to find the reason Kamal has hinted that there is more to it than what meets the eye. It is being said that Suresh Chakravarthy himself wanted to be evicted and the Big Boss house and Kamal have merely granted his request.  Kamal said that the reason for eviction could be Suresh Chakravarthy himself or some external forces. We all know how Oviya walked out on her own in the first season. Did Suresh Chakravarthy repeat the same under the guise of a proper elimination. Let’s wait and watch.

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