Suriya’s grand comeback with Soorarai Pottru

 Suriya wasn’t an actor by choice. He was a reluctant teenager who was pulled into the film industry by Vasanth and the strain shows in his early films but he moulds himself into a good actor with films like Friends, Nandha, Kaakha Kaakha etc. There’s also that once in a lifetime performance in Pithamaganan which will always remain his best performance irrespective of how his whole career pans out. I was on the lookout for an actor who had it in him become one of the finest actors in the industry. But then Ayan happened. I watched the first day in theatre with a crowd full of girls. It was a fun film where the man was effortless.  

The success of the film was both a boon and a curse.  He was faced with the predicament that troubles most heroes at a certain point in their career. He was suddenly appearing in films which showcased him as a wannabe star.  He gave up on his endearing eyes and focussed on maintaining a perfectly fit body. It was at that point I began to hate the actor’s films. I found it very difficult to digest and sit through the strain and the effort. The shift in voice modulations and the fit body were false notes in one film after another. 

I yearned for the Suriya that I fell in love with years ago. I thought I lost him. Little did I know that he was preparing himself for a grand comeback via Soorarai Pottru in these trying Pandemic times. What a revelation he was as Nedumaran Rajangam. Those eyes spoke volumes. And he was a perfect embodiment of someone who was born to him. I laughed with him and cried with him and when he won I celebrated with him. 

What a grand comeback by ” Actor” Suriya. We found him again after so many years and with him comes the promise of more good films. Welcome back Suriya. We missed you. 

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