Fat to Fit : STR’s inspiring transformation

STR is a prodigy. He has been acting from the time he was a kid. He was someone who knew all the nuances of cinema. So it was not surprising when he made that big leap from a child actor to a hero. It was an easy transition for the actor who was destined to be the next big in Kollywood. But the initial over enthusiasm meant that he began his journey as hero by imitating other actors.  We grew tired. But he managed to grow out of the viral mode to do films like Kovil, Vaanam and Vinnaithandi Varuvaya. 

Again there was a slump as the once enthusiastic actor didn’t turn up for shoot and did dubbing in the bathroom. Films got delayed and we had disasters like Anbanavan Adangathavan Asarathavan. Everyone said that his career was over. He had put on weight as fans yearned for the old STR. 

But he’s managed to surprise us all in this lockdown. From fat to fit it’s been an inspiring journey. It is something which we all can follow – to do the impossible. Not only that. He has completed a film in this pandemic time and the film’s teaser will be out tomorrow at 4: 32 AM. It is none other than Suseenthiran’s Eswaran. 

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