Thalapathy Vijay smashes teaser records : Bigil first and Master second

Thalapathy’s Master teaser has been smashing records ever since it released yesterday. It was like a special Diwali gift for Vijay fans as they celebrated it in a big way. Anirudh’s Music. The use of Vaathi Raid song, Thalapathy Vijay’s cool look and the stare between Vijay and Vijay Sethupathi at the end made sure that the teaser hyped up the expectations. Netizens are even decoding the teaser in different ways.  So it is no surprise that Master teaser is trending Worldwide and smashing records. Even though the film will only release in 2021 this teaser itself is creating huge expectations. 

The records created by Master Teaser are as follows. 

1. Master teaser is the fastest to reach 10 million views. It reached 10 million views in 5 hours.

2. It is also the second fastest to reach 1 million likes. The first place also belongs to Thalapathy’s Bigil which reached 1 million likes in 1 hour. Master took a little longer – 1 hour 18 minutes for 1 million likes.

3. Master teaser is also trending at No 1 in India, Srilanka and Singapore and Number 2 .in Malaysia

So it’s Thalapathy trending for Diwali. What more can the fans ask for as a Diwali gift from their favorite star. 

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