A Guide to BTS’ Comeback Goals: How to Stream BE?

BTS are a seven member Kpop band from Seoul, and they need no introduction because we all know how they are taking over the world by storm. Their last single, Dynamite broke records, won countless number of awards, and one can say their popularity in the Indian subcontinent has increased cosmically. A lot of people have started listening, relating and enjoying their music, and BTS’ fanbase known as ARMY always exhibit extraordinary performance by streaming to support the band. As their new self composed album BE is only one day away, ARMY are gearing up to break records. But if you are unaware of what streaming is, or do not have a clear idea about how everything works, we’ve given you the necessary information. Read on to find out.

Streaming is a method of watching/listening to video/audio content without downloading. In the music industry it is an important key, as it accounts to placing songs on billboard music charts, highest YouTube views, likes, comments within the first 24 hours, topping various music service charts like Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music. This also generates revenue for the artists, and allows new listeners to discover the artist. Streaming is a well planned process, ARMYs work on producing established guidelines, setting proper comeback goals and putting in phenomenal efforts into it. Right now, we are at a point where only BTS can break BTS’ records. BTS and ARMY are undoubtedly the biggest rapport of the century, and ARMYs are surely proud of their hard work into creating streaming records. 

These are the comeback goals. Now premiums usually have more value than normal accounts, upgrading your YouTube, Spotify and other apps to premium could greatly help, please make use of the 1 month free premium trials if you haven’t used it yet. General Spotify guide: Do not loop, use focused streaming playlists, and switch in-between different playlists once you are done listening to one. Turn shuffle off. Do not mute, use earphones/aux cables if needed. Similarly this applies to Apple Music too, but make sure to delete the itunes version, if purchased. General YouTube Guide: Search for the mv and play it. Make sure the resolution is at least 480P, do not mute or reduce volume less than 50%. Do not spam comments with unnecessary things, do not loop, forward or skip. Watch other random BTS videos and also other artists before coming back to the same one. Do not clear history. 

Don’t worry if the views are frozen, it’s completely normal as YouTube freezes or slows down view count to verify if the views are real. It’ll soon be updated. We’ve had setbacks, YT has deleted hard earned views, streams may crash. Streaming can be challenging, but nothing’s impossible because we are all in this together. Take care of your health and most importantly enjoy the new album.

Presave BE here: https://www.bts-be.com/

To know more about YT streaming check BTS Tutorials: https://sites.google.com/view/btstutorials/ytguidefaq?authuser=0

istxbts on Instagram is a reliable source to check on the streaming status, and plans. https://www.instagram.com/istxbts/?hl=en

P.S: Personally the concept of streaming blew my mind, imagine the number of people at that very moment, who are watching, and working hard just like you for one motive. Ah, the thought itself gives me chills. Tamil Nadu ARMY, we’ve done amazing so far, let’s do even better this time. Streaming is as important as us enjoying their music, and it’s okay if you got plans, work, do not over strain yourself, stream whenever possible. Because the boys always understand us.

 I’ve always believed that if only everybody in the world got to know BTS, the world would no longer be the terrible place it is, we’ll start living in love. Let BE reach, heal and provide support to everybody in need. For Suga, for BTS, for ARMY, let’s break records and make sure that Grammy comes to BTS.

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Brace yourself for an emotional ride.

Happy BE! 🙂

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