Happy Birthday Nayanthara : The rise of a Lady Superstar

 Is Nayan the best leading lady of this decade ? The answer is a firm No. There are better actresses than her who have done some wonderful work. Even the Lady Superstar crown is a little too much. But there is something about Nayanthara which makes her tick. There’s something about her offline persona which connects with us. 

It is a wonderful tale of two beginnings. She started off her career with none other than the superstar Rajnikanth. It was a red carpet welcome with Konja Neram Konja Neram Konji Pesa Kudatha. There was no looking back as she became the go to heroine for star films. It looked like she could do no wrong. 

But there was a lot going on behind the scenes. She leaves tinseltown on a high. She bids goodbye to celluloid for her own happily ever after with the best role of her career till date. She played Sita. For no fault of her own she was character assassinated for her role choice.  But she was calm , composed and left with the lot of dignity. 

Then comes the dark twist. She becomes the home breaker in her own love story.  She is left stranded twice. Again she becomes the scapegoat. The men walk away freely as if nothing had happened.  It was time to wipe off the past with a fresh start. 

Raja Rani caught us off guard. The lady was back on screen in no time with a role that remains my most favourite since her on screen comeback. She was more determined than before to rewrite her own destiny. The audience slowly formed a rare connection with that tough resilient woman who never gave up. 

I guess she knows how tough it is to get things started. That’s why she constantly collaborates with beginners who are desperately waiting for their first big break. Atlee  , Gopi , Nelson , Ajay Gnanamuthu to name a few. My only wish for her is to stop getting typecast in those weeping woman roles in solo films. She deserves better. The audience deserves better. 

Right now she is in a very happy space both personally and professionally with a man who has embraced her for what she is. I am always a big fan of Nayanthara as an actress. And Nayanthara as a person with a never say die attitude has my heart. 

Birthday Wishes Queen Bee. Keep shining. Best of luck for more meaningful roles.

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