All the coronavirus in the world can fit in a teaspoon – Australian mathematician

The total amount of COVID-19 cases and infecting humans around the world would fit into little more than a teaspoon says – Australian mathematician. There have been more than 53 million cases of the disease worldwide, its total volume is a minuscule 8ml, or 0.2 fluid ounces. In order to compare a teaspoon holds 6ml of liquid.

TV mathematician Matt Parker made several assumptions to come up with the figure but says that even at the upper end of his estimates, all the COVID virus on the planet would fit inside a shot glass.

All the chaos in the world… is down to a teaspoon’s worth of trouble,” he said on his podcast A Problem Squared.

A virus particle is very small, it’s just the code to wreck other cells.”

Using the number registering everyday (300,000 new cases per day) worldwide and assuming each one was infected for 14 days, he calculated the number of people currently carrying the virus.

Every problem in our day to day life is same as the size of the teaspoon – ME

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