Happy Birthday Black Widow : An inspiring journey of a child prodigy

Child stars usually fizzle out once they reach adulthood. Either they get consumed by early fame or they alienate themselves from Hollywood once they become adults.  Scarlett Johansson is one of the few actresses who are still relevant and going strong with some wise choices to random experimental roles.

Imagine being just an eye candy in an ensemble of superheroes. How do you stand out? How do you make a mark? Her voice – that sexy sultry voice which compensates for all that is missing on screen. The way she says “I don’t see how that’s a party” with that blank look on her face even as the hulk unleashes the beast in him. To me that was my favourite moment in the Marvel Superhero franchise.  To be frank the Black Widow is a great disservice to a talented actress.  I wish Marvel made a movie where Black Widow isn’t just a sidekick.

All said and done I love Scarlett for her roles in smaller films where her presence gives the film the push that it needs. My favourite Scarlett film is the relatively unknown The Nanny Diaries. She’s splendid as the nanny who struggles like a fish out of water in a sophisticated household. The presence of Laura Linney and Chris Evans is an added bonus.  Who would have known back then that these two would eventually don the roles of Black Widow and Captain America.

You want to give life to an unlikely relationship between a man and his computer. No worries. Call on Scarlett. Her voice is a gift from heaven for all die hard movie buffs.  Her physical presence is a mere bluff more like a decoration to hide the one true thing that sets her apart.  Right from being a regular in Woody Allen’s ensembles to taking random gambles with smaller films which give her the scope to experiment to being a part one of the greatest screen superhero team. She’s done it all. 

Happy Birthday Scarlett. Keep mesmerizing us with that lovely voice of yours.

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