Hardwork never fails : Andhagharaam’s success story

Andhagharaam has been the talk of Netizens right now. This slow burning thriller has managed to capture everyone’s imagination. The film is almost 3 hours long but nobody cared. The film was engrossing and enticing at the same time. Also seeing SS Pooja after a long time gave us that nostalgic feeling. She’s aged like fine wine. The film kept us guessing till the very end. The film gives us ample moments of thrill to hold our attention. Some are saying that this might just be one of Tamil cinema’s best in 2020 and it is an accolade that the film richly deserves. 

Did you know that Andhagaraam was started 7 years ago in 2013. Yes,  You heard it right. The film was supposed to release in 2014 but never saw the light of the day until Atlee took it up. With Atlee backing the film it has finally been released on Netflix in 2020. A perfect example for perseverance.  Mind you Arjun Das still looks the same. Now everyone is raving about the film. Cinema will always love people who love it. Vignarajan’s effort finally pays off. As for Arjun Das he has gone onto cement his place as the heartthrob of young girls. A bright future awaits this young man.

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