15 unknown facts about Sunny Leone

1. She is an avid reader and has even published a romantic E- Book titled Sweet Dreams.

2. She is a successful businesswoman and owns a perfume brand titled lust.

3.  She was a soccer player and used to play for Women’s soccer league in California. She has even worked in a German bakery before she became a star.

4. She funds a school in Mumbai which teaches around 300 children. She also raises money for cancer awareness.

5. She was studying to be a nurse before she became an adult star.

6.  Sunny is actually her brother’s name. Her real name is Karenjit Khor Vohra. 

7. She had never read or seen an adult magazine before she became an adult star. 

8. Sunny Leone has a custom Emoji on social media. 

9. She has been part of a documentary titled Mostly Sunny. And there is also a fictionalized version of her life story available on Zee 5 titled Karanjit Kaur the untold story. 

10. She has been a huge fan of Aamir Khan from the movie Dil. 

11. She was in BBC’s most influential woman list in the year 2016. 

12. The first job of her career was at German Bakery. 

13. She was Google’s most searched entertainer in the year 2017. 

14. She never shoots in intimate scenes in films when children are around. 

15. She is the first adult star to enter into Bollywood 

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