The World’s costliest bag : The price will shock you

Ladies always have a special fascination towards handbags. It is not just a  space to keep things. Sometimes trendy handbags can be status symbols. Sometimes ladies even pick out handbags to match the colour of what they are wearing. Mostly these handbags are reasonably priced and quite affordable too. But one Italian Brand has made a handbag which is priced at an unreasonable rate. The price will shock you. But before that let me tell you details about the bag. The bag is made by Italian luxury brand Boarini Milanesi. Peru vailaye nolayala. How do I buy it? Only in my dreams. 

The handbag is launched to create awareness about the seas that are being threatened by non-biodegrable plastics. The bag is made up of semi- shiny alligator skin. So to protect the sea you can kill animals. Unga logic la theeya vaika. It is also decorated with 10 white gold butterflies, diamonds and rare gems. Understably the netizens are very angry. You can’t kill animals to protect nature. That is shallow understanding and hypocrisy. The price will shock you even more. The bag is priced at 53 crores. Ennadhu 53 kodiya naane theru kodi la iruken. 

As our legend Vadivelu says ” Neenga Pudungradhu Poora theva illadha aani thaan” 

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