The evolution of adult comedy : Mundhanai Mudichu and Murungakkai

Adult comedy films are a very misused genre in recent times in Tamil cinema. Now the humour is missing and it mostly borders on titilating and voyeurism. But there was a time when adult humour was genuinely funny. The first name that comes to mind when I think of adult comedies is none other than screenplay legend  K. Bhagyaraj. And the first film that comes to mind is Mundhanai Mudichu. It is a story of a woman trying to win the heart of the man she loves. She goes to extreme lengths and tries out different things to win him over. 

One of the things she tries out is seduction. But we aren’t titilated. Instead we find ourselves genuinely laughing as the sequence unfolds.  Murungakkai plays an important role. In a rather unorthodox attempt – The entire dinner consists of Murungakkai dishes. A rather innocent Bhagyaraj eats it. But what follows is a genuinely hilarious sequence as a sleepless Bhagyaraj tries to control his sexual urge. The baby cries and even the lullaby is filled with sexual undertones. We laugh and have fun as Murungakkai becomes a K. Bhagyaraj trademark. Thankfully even when he repeated these troupes in film after film we loved it. That is how good adult comedy was back in those days. Where are we now?

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