No love triangle in big boss house : Delay in wild card entry

We had earlier predicted that Azeem would enter the big boss house as a wild card entry. He had earlier posted that a surprise awaits fans with the famous big boss eye symbol. We were all anticipating an unsaid love triangle between Bala , Shivani and Azeem. We were all eager to see if the chemistry that Shivani and Azeem shared in serials will be replicated in the big boss house. But now something unexpected has come up which has delayed the entry of Azeem. A personal health crisis for his mother has left a big question mark on his big boss entry.

Azeem in his Insta story wrote, “Hello Evryone. I take this platform to clarify about My Mother’s health. Yes as you all heard she had a severe fracture on her right leg & she was hospitalised. By the grace of Almighty & prayers of all the good hearts she is recovering now & soon she will be completely fine!! At this moment I sincerely thank each & evryone who prayed for my Mothers health & im overwhelmed by all the unconditional love you guys showered towards me. Im blessed. Regards AZEEM”. Though we all want Azeem to come into a big boss house it’s always Mom first. We too pray for her speedy recovery

shivani azeem
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