Spotify Wrapped 2020 Is Here – Have You Checked Yours Yet?

Spotify is a Swedish based audio streaming and media service provider. It is also the biggest music streaming service, and it has apps for all major platforms like iOS, Android, and web browsers. Though this app was originally launched in October 2008, it’s Indian launch happened only on January 31, 2019. Spotify immediately earned over 2 Million Indian users within one month. Globally 286 million monthly active users access Spotify. Big numbers, yes but here is a fun fact, India alone has more than 627 Million internet users, oh and our population is 1,380,004,385 people (1.38 Billion). Okay, coming back to spotify, I’d say it is the most convenient app to stream music, its hassle free, understands our song preferences, helps us discover new artists in our genre of preference, except for the advertisements which shouldn’t be a problem if you buy Spotify Premium, it sure is the best app for music. Now, spotify has released their annual sum up that gives you a deep insight into your listening habits for the last 11 months. We’ll see what exactly it is and how you can access it in this article.

Spotify 2020 Wrapped: basically a thorough dive-in into all the artists, genres, songs, and podcasts that constituted your 2020. It also gives you a list of your top 100 songs, this personally helped me look back at the songs that I listened to on loop when 2020 was still a normal year, ah how much the times have changed. Well, and so are our song preferences and we as a person. It is like a report, you can look back at your listening history of the year. Yup, an annual report of your music habits. If you are a fervent listener, then there is nothing more exciting than someone telling you how many minutes you spent listening to your favourite song and artist. 

The details are your top genres, top artists, songs, how many times you listened to them, the amount of actual time you spent listening to them, your preferred podcast, the decade from which you listened the most and so much more. There are also quizzes where you get to guess your mains. Badges will be given to Spotify premium users based on a set of concepts on how they’ve listened. I mean, we listen to music because it heals, to some of us music is what is keeping us going, so awards for our listening habits are just so rousing, and the whole concept makes our inner diva happy. Missed hits are the set of songs recommended by spotify that was received well among other users, but you didn’t listen and may possibly like. 

It’s like a story, featuring your top song, it tells you when you first heard it, your 100th stream and the total number of times you’ve heard it. The numbers might stun you. If you don’t use Spotify you can still check out the global trends of most streamed artists, songs, playlists, podcasts and other related things. 

The most played song: Blinding Lights by The Weeknd (ah, the 90s pop feel, this song is been on the billboard charts for over 30 weeks now)

To know the most streamed artist, top self-care playlists, the decade people listened to the most, check the full list here: Spotify Wrapped 2020.

Wrapped 2020 pops up as soon as you open the app, if not, then search for it on your Spotify search. You will find it easily. I feel slightly apologetic to all the people who kept changing their Spotify accounts to activate free premiums, ah your wrapped report is probably split in each of these accounts. It’s okay, we just need to wait another year and have fun listening to music from the same account. 

The top 10 Tamil Tracks of 2020:

  1. Vaathi Coming
  2. Chellama
  3. Yaen Ennai Pirindhaai
  4. Kaatu Payale
  5. Chill Bro
  6. Dharala Prabhu Title Track
  7. Rakita Rakita
  8. Andha Kanna Paathaka
  9. Veyyon Silli
  10. Bujji

Maybe tell us your top artists and songs on the comments, we will in turn do some research and write about them next. 

Because music heals and I have felt it. <3

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