Sweden : Mother locking up her son for 28 years got arrested

This tragic incident happened in Sweden. A 70 year old woman has been arrested by the Sweden police on suspicion of locking up her son for almost 28 years at her Stockholm flat.

The 41 year old son was found by a relative who then informed the police authorities.

According to the report, The woman stopped her son’s school studies at the age of 12 and locked him up for around 28 years. He was toothless, unable to speak and had sores and other injuries, according to the press.  

The relative who found him has given the press report  “I’m in shock, broken-hearted, but at the same time relieved. I’ve been waiting for this day for 20 years because I figured out that she was totally controlling his life, but I never imagined the extent of it.”

I know who you are, you’re my neighbour,” the man had told her, recognizing her after having seen her through the window, she Added.

Right now, the man is in hospital and his injuries are not life threatening. Investigations going on.

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