Bigg Boss – A Psychological Experiment On Both Contestants And Viewers?

Did you know the origin of Bigg Boss comes from the Netherlands? In 1999 John de Mol Jr, a television producer and billionaire, also the founder of Endemol Shine Group introduced a Dutch reality show not only in the Netherlands but allied it internationally with the name Big Brother Franchise. With the very basic concept of the show, 14 strangers in a house, disconnected from the outside world.

Interestingly the title comes from the inspiration of a book called George Orwell’s novel Nineteen-Eighty-Four with a concept of relentless tyrannous monitoring.

As per the record of 2011, there have been 387 seasons of Big Brothers across 54 countries and regions. 

Big Brother layout had become ubiquitous in India too. With the name Bigg Boss produced by Endemol Shine India, the first show was debut in 2006 and it was adapted in the Hindi Language. However, as years passed by, the show gained its popularity and it was extended in 7 languages (Bangla, Marathi, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu).

’Bigg Boss is a social experiment’. How?

if you observe closely you can see constant changes in the contestants’ behaviour over the period – by continuous vigilance i.e., camera and microphone which in return showcases the tolerance level in an individual. Now if you wonder how the behavioural modification is taking place? Now if I have to ask you, it’s called the Bigg Boss house and the contestants are more often denoted as housemates right? If you have noticed the colours used in the Bigg Boss house is very vibrant and colourful. And none of our households has such colours. Look at this picture. 

For an interesting fact do you know the colours can trigger emotions in human beings? We have our walls painted in one colour. But there are different colours for every wall in the house. If you wonder what can colour do? For example, the restaurants have the colour red included in their logos- like McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, KFC, Cafe Coffee Day and Dominos. Why do you think the colour red is used? Simply because it is the colour that can induce hunger. 

I see, the show to be very sensational, everybody is curious to know who is eliminated for the week and there is wide participation in voting. But did you know watching reality shows like these can disturb and trigger your own emotions too? The emotions being triggered can be harmful ones. If you watch the show regularly, why don’t you sit back and introspect? Rate your emotions. And watch yourself closely, you might have not realised that it can make you feel deleterious.

In my opinion, a society is constructed solely based on the elements that are portrayed in the media. Allowing young kids or adults to watch the show can change their thinking pattern and can destruct their perceptions. Prejudices and discriminatory views can be developed. Also, the show is a reflection of our reality, don’t you think so? We might have friends or acquaintances or neighbours like Julie (Bigg Boss season 1 contestant) and Vanitha (Bigg Boss season 3 contestant). We might be witnessing or witnessed new relationships that bloom during the early days of our college or school ( Oviya and Arav or Kavin and Losliya). Misunderstanding, backstabbing, betrayal and quarrels- everything is a part of our lives too. But shows like these tend to blow things out of proportions through memes or simply because we enjoy peeping through the windows of others’ lives.

 PS: I am not against Bigg Boss viewers. Before we could watch a show, we need to analyse what effect it can bring to us and more certainly what is our take away from it. On par with laughter can reduce our stress by watching sitcoms, we must be aware of certain things. Let’s make the world a better place, watch Bigg Boss but don’t let the show affect you or consume you in any way. What are your thoughts about the show and have you ever noticed something like this? Do comment below! We’d love to read them.  

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