Man marries sex doll and lives with her : Shocking but true

In India it is very common for the man to marry a donkey before the actual marriage.  Even in the film Enthiran Chitti the robot falls in love with Sana. Sometimes life can be stranger than fiction. In Kazakhistan a body builder married a sex doll after dating the doll for 8 months. Though reading that does feel weird. After the 8 months romance the man had actually proposed to the doll a year ago. The engagement happened in December 2019 when the man proposed to the doll and asked her to marry her.  The marriage was attended by 1000’s of guests and the couple even had their first dance. 

It is often said that love is blind and this marriage proves exactly that.  The doll’s name is Margo and on the big day he actually put a ring on her finger. The bodybuilder proudly says that Margo can give him what real people can’t. The couple is quite active on social media and showcase their daily life to the world. As per the law the marriage is very much valid as it only states there has to be a man and a woman. There’s no law preventing a man from marrying a doll 

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