This week’s evicted contestant from Big Boss : Details inside

The Big Boss is down to the last few weeks and we are going to see evictions more frequently in the coming weeks. Last week it was Samyuktha and this week it is going to be another contestant who’s been constantly in the news since last big boss. She was the former girlfriend of Tharshan who people thought would win the big boss last time. Anyhow he was people’s favourite and Sanam Shetty was his then girlfriend but things have been different since last time. Now Sanam Shetty has entered the big boss house with the aim of winning it this year. Unfortunately that is not going to happen as an inside source tells us that Sanam Shetty will be eliminated this week. 

And knowing Sanam she’s going to have a pretty busy time taking interviews and being in the big boss house even after her stint in the house is over. Eviction every week is a good thing. We don’t have to see the same faces again and again and with viewers shifting their loyalties to cook with Comali this might just be the right time to bring in the wild card entry and spice up things a bit in the house. 


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