Big Boss Sensation to get married : Who is the bride?

Last year’s Big Boss saw two prominent names involved in a whirlwind romance. One was Kavin and the other was Losliya. The two seemed like they could not be without each other. The two were so close that even when Cheran tried to stop them from falling in love they didn’t. Those 90 days panned out like a real life love story and we wanted a happy ending. But the supposed love story didn’t last long after they stepped out of the big boss house. They stopped seeing other and it was a quick romance with a quick end. Maybe that’s how it was all supposed to end. 

Now we have good news from one of them. Apparently Kavin is getting married soon and it is going to be a love marriage. But no one knows who the bride is going to be. Atleast not yet. It is definitely not losliya. So who could it be. Let’s wait and watch. 

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