Mystery illness in Andhra affects more than 500 people : Cause unknown

 A new disease was reported in Eluru city of Andhra pradesh since last Saturday. More than 70% of the city was affected and reported to be falling unconscious after symptoms of fits and nausea. The most mysterious thing was that the cause for such symptoms was not  known clearly. More than 400 patients  recovered with the treatment while one died. Health authorities could not yet detect the cause of this disease initially through blood test, CT Scan and also by cerebrospinal fluid test. All the patients tested negative for covid-19. Andhra pradesh CM visited the patients and inspected the situation. The Central government formed a special team to investigate the  mysterious disease. Initially a local resident reported that this mysterious disease  might be a neurological disorder caused due to air and water pollution. Later in the blood test survey conducted by AIIMS have found traces of heavy metals like lead and nickel in the blood samples sent by the state government.

     The cause for this mysterious disease was still under investigation. Commonly many suspect that this may be due to  contamination of milk or may be due to contamination of drinking water by pesticides  as the city was Fed by the canals of both Krishna and Godavari which passes through agricultural fields. 

     The one good news about this mysterious disease is that it is non communicable in nature.

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