Youtube Google and Gmail down : Unexpected shutdown and restoration

This is something which has never happened before I guess. Even as people were going about their routine work the three main essentials which are often used by internet users are down. There is no Youtube , Gmail or Google. For some people even the Google search isn’t working. This happened around 15 -20 minutes even as experts are figuring out what needs to be done to restore things to normal. This is almost like a movie. Many users took this to Twitter and complained about it.

To which YouTube has given proclamation – on this issue, as per ANI (Asian News Television) – “We are aware that many of you are having issues accessing YouTube right now -our team is aware and looking into it. We’ll update you here as soon as we have more news: Team YouTube.”

As Attested by down detector website, nearly all the Google services were affected. This included Google Drive, Hangouts, Meet, Play and Duo. The Google doc users cited that, they can see “Google Docs encountered and error. Please try reloading this page, or coming back to it in a few minutes.”

The YouTube popped in, “error page with a monkey and stated ‘Something went wrong.’ The Gmail displayed,” We’re sorry, but your account is temporarily unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience and suggest trying again in a few minutes. You can view the G Suite Status Dashboard for the current status of the service.”

Google Maps users could open the page on desktop but the users were facing trouble to sign in to get personalized results.

This dispute was severe in the USA, Japan and the other parts of European countries.

Now it’s all sorted and services have been restored.

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