Star Sports to Host New Revolution in Cricket with Star Players – December 24

In the New ERA of Cricket, Cricket has evolved with a lot of new technologies like DRS ,now Star Sports will host the new level of Entertainment for the Cricket Fans. Its almost like our Motta maadi cricket ,Our Favorite players like Yuvraj Singh, Russel, Chris Gayle  will be playing this Ultimatekricketchallenge(UKC).

UKC Series came  with Innovative Rules and challenges where players will be played as One -to- One Challenge like face -off their Individual performance will decide their next level in the tournament and each player will be played in Round -Robin Fashion. Lets see about the schedule and players involved in the series.

List of Star Players :

  • Yuvraj Singh
  • Eoin Morgan
  • Andre Russell
  • Chris Gayle
  • Kevin Pietersen
  • Rashid Khan

What is new in this Challenge?

Its an unique Star-studded event starts  from December 24 where the game into 4 innings of 15 balls each.

  •  Each UKC gladiator will go head-to-head against every other,
  •  The first  season of UKC will see six global superstars..
  •  They go head-to-head against each other like face-off challenge
  • No Bowling restrictions for the player they can seam , spin or stand and Bowl.
  • There will be two Innings 15 Balls on each Innings
  • Each Player has to Bat/Bowl

Innovative Scoring Rules:

  • Scoring Zones will be available for Runs such as 1,2,3,4,5,6  like the same ‘motta maadi’ rules our 2G if we hit a wall.
  • Batsman will be awarded 12 Runs if he hit Bulls Eye.
  • 5 Runs will be deducted for loss of Wicket.
  • Batsman will be declared out incase of dot ball, Catch, Runout, Bowled, hit-wicket, Stumped.

Road to Final Trophy:

  • 6 Players complete in a Round -Robin Format.
  • Top 4 will progress to Semi-finals.
  • Semi Finals and Finals will be played on the same Day.
  • Batsman is declared out incase of a dot ball, catch, run out, bowled, hit wicket, stumped or interferenc
  • Two players will face off against each other

Broad Casters and Schedule Timing:

 On the Star Sports Network & Disney Hot star from December 24 to January 1, with some surprise appearances from other global superstars every day at 9:30 PM from Dubai.

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