How Brands Use Colour To Manipulate Shoppers?

Colour plays an important role in channelling particular information, constructing inexpugnable emotional state and highly dominates in decision making. All of us have favouritism with the colour and it can be seen with the clothes that we choose to wear and can evoke specific moods.

Colour is very powerful and it is a driving force that influences one’s thinking, reactions and induces bodily hormones. A research study has shown that people make a subconscious judgement about a person, environment or a product within 90 seconds of initial viewing. Between 60% and 90% is based on colour alone.

If you are planning to start a business, why don’t you ethically use psychological manipulating business tactics to attract your customers?

Here are a few examples of how corporate companies ethically make use of colour psychology to design their logos and manipulate us into buying their product.

  1. RED – If you are planning to open a food business this colour will be a perfect choice, why? Now take an example of big fast-food restaurants – Mcdonalds, Café Coffee Day, Pizza Hut, Dominos, Burger King, KFC etc look closely into their logos, the red colour will be dominant. The colour red can enhance the metabolism rate, raises the blood pressure, boosts the appetite and creates a sense of urgency – the discount sales tags. So if you want to attract your customers this is yours to go colour.
  1. Yellow – The colour yellow can be defined as the colour of optimism. The classic example can be emojis. Most companies like Forever 21, Nikon, National Geographic, Snapchat etc preach that they’re user friendly through yellow. It can also induce anxiety – the caution signboards are mostly in yellow. 
  1. Blue – The blue colour is the most common favourite colour for both men and women. Also, the research says, people are more productive while they work in a blue room. This colour depicts security and trust. For example, the banks and insurance companies (Canara, HDFC, PayPal, VISA).Other companies like Samsung, Ford, Hyundai, NASA, Nokia, HP, Dell, IBM make use of this colour for reliability.
  1. Green – The colour green represents calmness and healing. It is also the colour plants and vegetations. If you have observed the vegetarian brands or grocery stores like Tropicana, Nilgiris and Starbucks uses the green as the primary colour by welcoming people to come and relax in their café during a stressful day.
  1. Black – The colour black is always seen as the colour of classy. The most luxurious companies like apple, Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Prada – they produce overpriced products. And these companies are dominating today’s world, hence the colour depicts the powerfulness. 
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