Big Boss : This week’s evicted contestant

 Anitha Sampath was the last eviction. Very soon she will be back to doing what she does best – News reading. It was rather unfortunate that her Dad passed away after she left the house. Even Anitha had said that if she had known about this she would have left the house earlier to spend more time with her Dad. Yes, the time you miss to spend with your loved ones can never be got back. It’s the last few weeks of Big Boss and the competition is getting tighter. Eliminations galore week after week  as we wait for the one big winner who will get the grand prize. 

This week’s elimination will be an introvert. He speaks to very few people in the house and usually keeps to himself most of the time.  Usually the behaviour of the housemates change over time but he’s remained the same. Though he believes that there are changes in his behaviour. The general audience thinks otherwise. That is the reason for eviction and the evicted contestant is none other than Aajeeth. This will be good for him personally as he can get back to what he does best – Singing and music. So the youngest member of the group gets evicted this week. 

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