Why World Braille Day is Observed?


Since 2019 world braille day is observed on 4th January to give the significance of eloquence and liberty to the individuals who are blind and visually impaired. And it’s the birth anniversary of Louis Braille – the inventor of braille.

At the age of three years, Braille lost his sight in an accident. Later he entered the Institution National des Jeunes Aveugles (National Institute for Blind Children), Paris and he learnt the Charles Barbier’s (French army officer) night writing – a structure of graspable writing using dots which was predetermined for the night-time battlefield to live a new way of living.

At 15 years old Braille upgraded Barbier’s 12 – dot configuration to 6 – dot configuration. By this, any individual can benefit 63 different patterns through characters, numbers, punctuation etc. Braille literacy fends for equal opportunities for people with blindness. Today many people have benefited and adjusted to this system because it’s easier to read and it’s used worldwide.

India is a land of thousands of languages and Bharat Braille which possesses one of the Indian alphasyllabaries makes it easy for the learners. In 2018 Swagat Thorat and Saavi Foundation, with The Buddhist Association for the Blind, Nashik, conducted the activity of transcribing the entire Constitution in Braille script by propagating into five parts. Additionally, to benefit the blind aided students they published UPSC, law and justice booklets in braille.

Many countries – USA, Myanmar, Brazil, Liberia, Zimbabwe, Georgia, Tanzania, South Africa, Fiji, Macedonia, Mozambique and the Republic of Mauritius transcribed their constitution to Braille.

However, in the modern era – restaurants, banks, organisations or foundations have not initiated braille editions of print materials which include menus, statements and bills. Due to this, individuals with blindness or visual impairments face plenty of dependencies and don’t have any choice to choose on their own. 

To come up with attainable formats in Braille and to raise awareness – The World Braille Day is celebrated.

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