Destruction Can Be Useful: Relaxes The Mind?


Not everyone ends up choosing to punch someone when they’re angry but few of them deny their anger and muddle up with silence. Inarguably these are unhealthy reactions.

Researchers believe that the brain’s response to both positive and negative stimulation with urges to destroy results in the release of dopamine implicated in the reward and pleasure.

When an individual is angry, the body’s adrenal glands release cortisol and adrenaline readying the body and mind for fight mode.  A theory called Catharsis hypothesizes that expressing the anger through the acts of destruction relieves feelings of aggression.

According to Dr Ron Mossler, the modern view of catharsis is by acting out, an individual releases sort of like a pressure valve which in turn releases energy to build and handle stress again. For an example, if you have watched the movie Siva Manasula Sakthi,Jiiva releases his anger by breaking Santhanam’s phone.

Also, many studies have found – releasing anger through destruction is short-lived – it feels good– the brain enjoys the release – rewarded by destructing however builds up that pressure and hindering to release it again. Thus, it is said to be a temporary fix.

Likewise, an organized sport involving physical violence like boxing reduces the feeling of aggression by releasing endorphins – tiny neurochemicals which makes an individual feel more relaxed. Witnessing danger allows anyone to learn and prepare for it. Activities involving danger and destruction are likely exciting.

In recent times, there is a growing trend of business in Texas and Toronto called the rage rooms with catchy lines – “Buy your friends a round of rage shots! Smash 5 plates for $5!” and “Let off steam by smashing the mockups of workplaces, kitchens and more.”

In Japan, this is called the destruction therapy and worldwide it is termed as temper clinic. Psychologists acknowledge smashing things up to let off steam is not necessarily risk-free but it could simply condition the body to need an aggressive release whenever the tension rises – part of anger management. Further explaining they don’t usually encourage patients to destroy just it won’t become a habit.

PS: The ones who bottle up your anger, I would suggest trying temper clinics. For the ones with destructive behaviour, enrol yourself in an organized sport.  Also if you’re coping up yourself in a different way – comment below. 

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