10 interesting Facts about Cook With Comali fame Sunita

Cook with comali

Sunita Gogoi is one of the Comalis in Cook with Comali Season 2. The best aspect of her as a comali is the fact that she mispronounces the words to create humour and hilarious cat fight between Shivangi and her for Ashwin is an absolute pleasure to watch. She’s pretty and does a very neat job at being a Comali. This was even appreciated by Sivakarthikeyan in a recent episode. She is one of the major plus points of the show and is just adorable. 

Let’s look at 10 facts about Sunitha.

  1. She was born on 10th september 1991.

 2. She hails from Assam. 

3. She currently resides in Chennai and has a sister named Nanditha.

 4. She first became famous as a dancer with Jodi Number 1 Season 4. 

5. She was among the top 4 finalists in the show.

 6. She was also part of Vijay Tv’s Jodi Number 1 Season 7 and Season 9 

7. She won Second place in both the seasons. 

8. She became an actress with Aishwarya Dhanush’s 3 which starred Dhanush and Sruthi in the lead. 

9. Her first film as the heroine was the movie Maan Vettai. 

10. She is an ardent Vijay fan. 

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