Master Movie Review – A Unique Vijay & Vijay Sethupathi Duo


The biggest wait has finally come to an end. Thalapathy’s Master is out. Right from the date of movie announcement, our dear Master set high expectations among us because Vijay-Lokesh is one hell of a combo. Did Master blast our expectations?

Director Lokesh Kanagaraj, as we all know, is a very promising director. He has given us outstanding movies like Managaram, Kaithi since his debut in 2016 with Aviyal. In a prerelease press interview he had mentioned that this movie is not completely a product of his brain, though he gave birth to the story, it is a collaboration of his expertise and Vijay’s market status. Vijay’s movies are predominantly entertainers, beyond reality; while the director’s excellence is making pure genre films with realistic stories, without songs, and other unwanted fillers. 

Is it a standard Vijay movie? No. Is it a standard Lokesh Kanagaraj movie? Also, no. But if Vijay does star in Kanagaraj’s reality based films, will people be able to accept it? This question has its own complications, but I think this movie paved a strong thrust in Thalapathy’s venture away from action-entertainers. 

The music is the biggest plus. It gives all the right feels, and for cinema lovers the agitation that not going to theatres for refreshment caused, is paid well with Anirudh’s soul gladdening music even though the songs are placed at undesired times. The bgm roles on point, giving a majestic feel but the songs and dance sequences were not really an asset to the story.

It is a given that three hours is still an inconvenient watch timing for tamil audience. The scenes were lengthy and dragged. Unwanted CGI could be avoided. The movie is heavily casted with talented actors like Malavika Mohanan, Andrea Jeremiah, Arjun Das, and many more. What sounds like an advantage didn’t really work because of the extra long running time. 

If you are Makkal Selvan Vijay Sethupathi’s fan and went home disappointed because Petta didn’t match your expectations – this movie is for you, you get everything that you missed there. 

The fight sequences were cool. To witness Vijay in theatre after almost an exhausting year felt refreshing as he has always been an artist who spreads positive vibes among Tamil families. Salutes to the long struggle of the production team and the movie’s cast and crew, they worked so hard in bringing this movie to us. Although covid is a concern, with proper awareness and protection, Master will make a nice ‘me-time.’ Make sure to watch the movie only through authorised platforms, which right now is only the theatre. 

P.s: Vijay’s ringtone that everybody is going crazy over is Chalice’s Master Blaster.

 Life is very short nanba, always be happy!

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