Dear Humans, Please Add Protecting Endangered Animals to Your List of Responsibilities

Endangered Species

This planet is home to an estimated amount of 8.7 million species out of which humans are one. We tend to conceive a mindset of dominance and superiority over other animals, wherein truth we certainly fall under the lower middle strata in the pyramid of strength. The Darwinian evolutionary theory gives us this famous perspective of survival in natural selection, which is “survival of the fittest.” The traces of struggle for existence can date back to the first sign of living form, the ones that best adjusted to their environment were the successful ones to survive and reproduce. This was how the natural order worked, animals hunted down on other animals, had to stand bad weather, droughts, diseases, natural disasters, and unexpected changes. Our history has seen the deaths, wipe outs of species in whole. Dinosaurs are an important example, people are still only approximating the real reasons behind its extinction. They lived 65.5 Million years ago, not the time when humans existed. But, there are many other animals wiped off this earth’s surface after we entered the scene. Because we weren’t responsible for Big Dino’s death, doesn’t mean we didn’t have our share in the destruction of other species.

Dodos for example, roamed the land just 350 years ago. We, along with our activities are the reason for its extinction. Humans invaded its lands in ships, the rats and other animals that we brought along with them feeded on Dodo eggs and these birds had to compete with them for food. Furthermore, humans also hunted down Dodos till the bird was lost forever, but why these birds didn’t fear the humans is one mystery. Now gone is gone, we can’t do much about it, rather we can make sure history doesn’t repeat. I am not asking us to be altruistic, but just considerate and aware.

Endangered species are the plants and animals that are on the verge of extinction. If not conserved our immediate generations would miss the opportunity of witnessing such mighty creations of nature. Some of the animals that we commonly tend to refer to when we think about wildlife are also on the verge of blinking out, imagine how heartbreaking it would be if we no longer have Asiatic elephants, red pandas, our National animal: the Bengal tigers around us. There are natural reasons like loss of habitat, but like I said Man has been one major reason. We overexploit the resources, pollution, hunting, and illegal poaching are some reasons.

So, this is going to be a little series of articles talking about endangered animals, providing facts about selected species and how you can help in conserving them.

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